I love my job(s).

I’m not bragging.  A week ago, I wasn’t particularly happy with the job I was logging 40 hours a week at. I was getting tired of listening to myself complain, and I figured that other people were, too.

The David Carson, a graphic artist famous for his work in “grunge typography” said in a brilliant Ted talk (and I’ll admit being somewhat addicted to Ted talks) that you should consider if you would do your work for free. If the answer is no, remember this: “you are going to be dead for a very long time.” This stuck with me, and not only because David (I call him by his first name because I wish we were close friends) is a sociologist/surfer turned graphic designer–in other words, my hero–but because I wasn’t particularly sure what I wanted to be doing with my life.

Since watching that Ted talk, I quit my full-time job as a sheet metal worker pre-apprentice and am working more hours at Alaska Public Media as a graphic design and marketing intern. While (in my experience) interns usually have to do boring menial tasks, mine include extremely fun projects like the holiday card. You get a sneak peak (!!!!) of the first version below:

Alaska Public Media (the AK is their logo, in case you aren't familiar) holiday card.

Also included in my tasks are to make buttons that advertise Elton John programming.

Elton John program during a fall membership drive for Alaska Public Media.

Elton John program during a fall membership drive for Alaska Public Media.

So, currently, along with face painting and henna, graphic design has increasingly dominated my work time–in an amazing way. I love working for such a dynamic organization with a great goal, and I’m learning a lot–for example, how to give Elton John a halo. And Elton John really should always have a halo.

I’ll keep you posted on who else I can give a halo.

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