This site be mostly to display my art online. All paintings or drawings are available for sale, unless otherwise marked.

Thanks immensely for your interest. This first post will be brief, especially since I’m still in the throws of preparing for my show at the Ranting Raven in Seward, Alaska tomorrow–July 6th, the first Friday of the month. I promise to be more coherent and informational later.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. As I attempt to be more collected, professional and contact-able, I’ll continue to post here.

Here are three that I did this spring after a couple of hikes early in the season after coming home. Happy viewing!



Big Dog and I looking at the view of Seward down below.      Oil on canvas.

My beautiful sister and her dog Jackie coming down from Bear Mountain this spring. Oil on canvas

            My big, floppy dog coming down Bear Mountain.        Oil on canvas.


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